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Daniel Morris
Uncle:VERY IMPORTANT!!! This msg is for everyone . If u find any child crying on the road showing his/her address on a piece of paper and asking u 2 take him/her to that address, please if u're so sympathetic, take that child 2 d Police Station and don't take him/her to that address. It is a new way of gang Stealing, Raping & Kidnapping. Pls, forward 2 all Ur loved ones. One msg from u may save a life or property. Plz circulate. Let us b security conscious. 4wrded as received
Mummy to be 2018
Sheila:Where exactly tao nitaenda baadaye
Eric Munene
+254 717 738648:Hey I need ladies for inboard activations starting soon interviews will be held on 9th Mar 2018 here in our office from 12am.Don't be late. Board matatus no. 48A(for lavington) at odeon. Alight at Chile embassy. Opposite you will see a big sign board written riverside Gardens... Follow that path down the hill up to the last black railed gate.
Muna Distributors
450g and 125 g
+254 729 662277 added +254 710 536882
Sarcasm in Kenyain.
+254 728 856067:Vengeance; Episode 4.. The last few days have been awesome. Naomi and I, we've been talking a lot. Getting closer and closer each day. And the sex just keeps getting better and better. So, she sent me a text on Wednesday and asked if I was free. She wanted to see me. I asked her where she was and she said she was at her place. I told her I was on my way home then she said she will meet me at my place in an hour. I got home, freshened up and I sat there just thinking and waiting for her. A million thoughts were crossing my mind, for a moment I almost felt guilty. I shouldn't be doing what I was doing.. 'Doesn't the Bible say vengeance belongs to the Lord?' That was my inner voice asking.. But then the Bible also says that The Lord only helps those who help themselves. I wasn't going to back out on this. If Tesh thought I had forgotten about him and Betty, he better think again. I was distracted from my thoughts with a gentle knock on the door. I knew it was Naomi, I stood up went to the door to let her in. She was looking lovely as always. Every time I see her, she is more beautiful than the last time I saw her... God really took His time when He was creating this one.. Dam! She walked in majestically, like the queen she is. She was carrying a large blue bag Me: Hey you Her: Heey.. How are you? Me: I'm good, happy to see you. You look lovely Her: Thank you. The house is clean today.. Am I missing something? Me: Hahaha what are you trying to say? That i'm untidy Her: Naaah, it's just that it's super tidy today.. It's like someone was here.. Me: Someone? Her: Yeah, like your girlfriend Her: Haha I wish. I woke up in high moods today, I decided to do some cleaning.. And the only girlfriend i'm hoping for is this beautiful woman i'm staring at right now. Her: Whoooa! Me: What? Her: Take it slow there.. You know I have a boyfriend, right? Me: Yeah. He is just a boyfriend, nothing major. Her: Meaning what exactly? Me: I don't see a ring on your finger darling Her: But he is my boyfriend Me: I'm not disputing that but as long he hasn't put a ring on it, we are all in the race. Her: And you are serious right now? Me: So fucking serious. Her: Bakari Me: Let's just be honest with each other. The last few days have been great. I mean, us spending time together. Our moments, our good times and not forgetting the great sex. What else can a man ask for? Her: I agree. But you also know I have a kid with that guy Me: And who said that's going to be a problem. I can be a dad to that baby. And the last time I checked, he wasn't the best boyfriend in the world. Her: But he is a good dad Me: I can be a good dad and you know what? Her: What? Me: I think it's about time I met that girl. I want to meet baby Tamima Her: Bakari, you know what you are asking for is too much. And i'm not saying that I don't feel the same, I mean I've been nothing but happy ever since I met you. You are a nice guy, you make me smile, you are always asking how me and my daughter are doing and I feel cared for. But still Me: But what? Her: I'm between what you can call a rock and a hard place. You know I love this guy, as much as he is an ass and he doesn't give a fuck about me. I still love him. And he is my baby's dad, that isn't just something you can wake up one morning and undo. Me: I know and I understand. What I don't understand is why you choose to get stuck into a shitty relationship just because you have a baby together. I mean, it doesn't make sense to me Her: Trust me you won't understand. It's more complicated than you think.. Anyway, are you hungry? Me: Oooh yes I am. I am super hungry Her: Good. I brought you food. I knew you will be hungry by the time you get here. I cooked chapatis for you Me: Woow! Thank you. Her: Don't mention it. Me: And yet you protest when I fall for you, and I ask again.. What else can a man ask for? Her: Haha let's not get back there but just for the record.. I care about you.. I do Me: Mmmh. I can work with that for now.. Her: Hahaha sillly you. Go get us some plates Me: Okay madam Chef. Plates coming right up.. I got the …
Buy And Sell(Biashara)
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Jumia trusted online mall
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Chill o bae
jana i slept late aki
There are so many
Blazebay / CRM / APP
Titus Cb
Queens and kings palace
+254 799 708070:Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:
Eric Mwangi
Niko sawa pia
+254 718 048583:
Daniel Morris
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