How Blazebay Works

Last Updated on May 02, 2018

Blazebay is the first and the largest ecommerce company in Africa. If you've decided and you are determined to source your supplier from overseas, blazebay is the platform to be. It is the most comprehensive directory that connects suppliers with buyers from all over the world. Blazebay literally has millions of products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers so there's not much you won’t find on the directory. We are making it very easy to navigate and purchase from suppliers.

It is important that you register with Blazebay for you as a Buyer or a supplier to be able to use the platform and also market your products for suppliers. It will take you few minutes to register and activate your account via email. After activation, you will be required to login and begin your search for a buyer. For a supplier, after activation, you will be able to upload your products and manage them on the webpage.

Buying on Blazebay and using the platform is fairly straight forward to use and similar to other marketplaces. Do a search for the particular product you’re looking for or browse the product categories. There are two common approaches to doing a search on Blazebay. Search for items based on product descriptions, for example: laptop, which will give you thousands of results for laptop products. Alternatively, select “Suppliers” instead of “Products” and instead search for manufacturers that specialize in that particular type of product from the drop-down menu.

When contacting suppliers overseas, email will be likely your main method of communication. To make sure communication is as clear as possible; keep your emails short, concise, well formatted and spelling error free. This will not only help the manufacturer but it will ultimately provide you with better replies in the end.

Requesting a quote is a relatively simple process, however, taking a few extra minutes to plan your email/message can make a significant difference in the number and quality of replies you receive. Here are a few important questions to consider for your email:

  1. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ’s) - Even if a listing has their MOQ listed, double check with them to make sure it’s accurate. If the MOQ’s are much higher than what you know you can afford, you'll want to ask them if they are willing to negotiate the minimums.
  2. Pricing For Samples - Samples are important to inspect for quality. Some suppliers receive a lot of sample requests, may change the full retail pricing, others will offer you samples at a discounted rate, and some may even provide you samples for free if they feel you're a serious buyer.
  3. Production Pricing – know how much your products cost per unit will cost.
  4. Production Time - Knowing how long it will take to produce your order depending on your exact business, time can be critical.
  5. Payment Terms - Many suppliers will require new businesses to pay for the full order upfront.
After getting the quote, negotiate the right deal with the supplier and weigh in your options and that doesn't necessarily mean getting the product at the cheapest possible price. So remember, don’t push too hard but a little because a good negotiation leaves both parties happy with the outcome. Keep in mind that you will want to consider more than just price, MOQ and payment terms while negotiating and weighing in your options. NOTE: It might be new experiences sourcing a reliable supplier for your product from Blazebay but also a rewarding one. With some common safeguards and basic knowledge, it can be pretty safe. If a deal feels too good to be true, always do you due diligence and be ready and willing to walk away. We have hundreds of other suppliers you can find in just a few clicks.

After weighing in on your options and the price, the supplier must confirm the logistic arrangement for your order.

The buyer must make payments after confirmation of the order with supplier and within the agreed days if the order was through trade security, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

The supplier must provide courier details for proof of dispatch during shipping. Buyer receives order and confirms online. Payment releases to supplier.