Nanny / cctv cameras

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Supplier:   Lovely Imports
Supplier ability:  1000000
Min. Order:   5 piece/pieces
KSH. 4,398 per piece

360° Panoramic: Featured with 360° surveillance, every angle or your house can be reached and totally under your control


3D Vision Experience: 3D vision experience makes everything in your house real and accessible


Remote Monitoring: No matter where you are, you're able to remotely check your home condition via smartphone or tablet if only there is internet connection


128GB TF Card Supported: Support up to 128GB(Mini 16GB) micro SD card(TF card) TF card not included


Two-Way Communication: Built in speaker and microphone, it supports instant talk between APP and camera end


Motion Detection & Intelligent Alert: Alarm will occur when motion detected and real-time notification will be sent to youre smartphone or tablet pc


50000 Hours' LED Life Span: 3 x 1W LED Light provides you bright illumination and works perfectly great like a common bulb, but with longer life span up to 50000hours


Operation Tips : Scan QR code in the manual in APP store(iOS) or Google play(Android), download & install IPC360 app

No color deviation during the day Night vision full color HD video playback. Download videos to mobile phones Two way audio intercom mobile phone push alarm 360VR Scroll Type Hat type Bowl-shaped Columnar type Four split screen Two split screen etc

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