Aluminium foil 30cm x 90m

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Supplier:   Chandaria Industries ltd
Supplier ability:  10000000 Rolls
Min. Order:   6 Bale/Bales
KSH. 822 Per Bale

Velvex,High quality,Size: 30cm x 90m Aluminium Foil,Strong & Durable,Available in various sizes ensuring convenience for use at home, restaurants, hotels and any other events

The company is also the largest manufacturer of food grade Aluminium Foil sold under the Velvex brand suitable for any kitchen whether it be a home, restaurant, hotel or food service business. Velvex Aluminium Foil is perfect for all your wrapping, baking, roasting and freezing needs. The Foil has a unique temperature tolerance capability from freezing to baking and grilling which ensures that food stays as fresh & tasty as when first prepared. The first of its kind edge to edge cutting technology also ensures that you can precisely cut the exact length of foil down to a millimetre at any required moment. Our easy release technology also ensures smooth unrolling of the foil guaranteeing ease of use. Available in various sizes ensuring convenience for use.

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Company   Chandaria Industries Ltd
Services Home, Packaging And Health Products
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Address Baba Dogo Road, Ruaraka P.O. Box 30621 – 00100 GPO Nairobi Kenya
Year Of Establishment: 1964

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