Rattan furniture for home or garden 2

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Supplier:   Kenya Asia Industry
Location:  Nairobi , Kenya
Supplier ability:  5
Min. Order:   5 piece/pieces
KSH. 0 - 38,323 per piece

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Company   Kenya Asia Industry
Services Rattan Products, Including Furnitures And Accessories
Website Http://www.kenyaasia.com
Address Mombasa Road , Nextgen Mall, 2nd floor no.41
Year Of Establishment: 2012


Products Advantages          Guarantee and sustainability of consumer usage Frame of all furniture. We use local metal of minimum 1.2mm thickness compared to imported ones whose gauge is 0.7-0.8mm which makes them less durable          Rattan materials used on our furniture has been sourced from China which has been in use for ages on outdoors furniture. This is due to its durability and attractiveness.          Kenya Asia industry Ltd has continued to offer a variety of designs and different attractive colors. We have a wide range of products over 30 designs as shown in this catalogue with range of more than 10 different colors. We not limited to existing designs but we customize to capability of our technology.               Why our products          Kenya Asia Industry Ltd has a dedicated work force, all the furniture is designed, fabricated and hand woven at our factory.                After Sale Service           We strongly believe in reliable after sale service. The fact that we are the only company manufacturing this kind of furniture and our main factory is loated in kenya. We are better positioned to deal with any factors of after sale service, compared with the imported furniture.          We hereby take this opportunity to invite you to our world of rattan furniture select from our wide range of colors and designs.          Please feel free to contact us and thanks!

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