Thermal cash and atm rolls

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Supplier:   Paper Converters K Ltd
Location:  Nairobi , Kenya
Supplier ability:  10
Min. Order:   10 piece/pieces
KSH. 127 - 318 per piece

the rolls vary depending on the requirements of a buyer ,the rolls can be used in offices and other paper usages ,the price of each is based on the its size as from [57mm by 40 mm @30,57mm by 47 mm@34,57mm by50mm@45, 79mm by 35@35 and 79mm by 80 mm@120.

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Company   Paper Converters K Ltd
Services We Offer Office And Industrial Tools And Papers
Address P.O Box 59942-00200 Nairobi
Year Of Establishment: 1971


our company was established with the soul perpose of producing paper and industrial tools neccessary for all forms of storage and office application

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