Golden fry oil 5l

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Location:  Nairobi , Kenya
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Golden Fry is a triple refined, 100% pure sunflower oil which undergoes a strict quality control process.

1 pack contains 4 pieces of 5litres pieces

Packaging 375ml pet bottle, 500ml pet bottle, 750ml pet bottle, 2l pet bottle, 5lt pet bottle, 20lt jerry can, 200lt drum, 1000lt flowbins / flexitank and 36000lt / 32 ton tanker load TRIPLE REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL A triple refined, 100% pure sunflower oil and extracted from the sunflower seed. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Unadulterated Free from mineral and added extraneous organic acids Various pack sizes packed in PET containers as well as HDPE buckets BULK deliveries such as stainless steel tankers INGREDIENTS 100% Sunflower Seed Oil SELLING POINTS Ideal for use in cooking, baking, frying as well as in salads High in Polyunsaturates Low in cholesterol Heart and Stroke Foundation Approved Additive as well as allergen free

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