Ladies pink lace with flowers lingerie

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Supplier:   Mkenyangecha
Supplier ability:  100000
Min. Order:   3 piece/pieces
KSH. 737 per piece

This is sexy seduction lingerie, wear flirting, light weight uniform size, suitable for women weighing less than 50kg wearing

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Company   Mkenyangecha
Services We Deal With Ladies Lingerie And Men Garments
Address Kampala business center, 1st floor, Latema road, Nairobi, Kenya.
Location Kampala Business Centre, Latema Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Year Of Establishment: 2011


We Mkenyangecha deal with ladies lingerie and men garments. We are located in Nairobi Central Business District, 1st Floor, Kampala Business Centre, Latema Road.

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