V-solid air freshener (cucumber melon)

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Unique solid multi-phasing passive air freshener with sub-micron technology,Free from harmful chemicals therefore environment friendly,No leaks,No batteries required, only natural airflow,Refill is 100% biodegradable,Dispenser is 100% recyclable

An essential product to keep your surrounding fresh and enchanting is the Velvex V-Air which is a Solid multi-phasing passive air freshener with sub-micron fragrance technology, available in 5 fresh flowing fragrances – Cool mint, Cucumber melon, Citrus mango, Apple Orchard and Ocean spray. Velvex V-Air Solid Air Freashners are great for small spaces. They last up to 60 days, and are made with 98% biodegradable gel. Adjust the top cover to get the level of fragrance that is perfect for you. Accent any room with a colorful, fresh aroma. The chic design also adds a complement to any decor. Velvex V-Air Solid absorbs odor while filling a room with style and scent.

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